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Carnelian x Flower Agate

These rare crystals are each unique with soft pastel & red carnelian flares and flower agate blooms.

This Crystal helps reach our highest potential, protecting us from fears & self doubt. Amazing for manifestations & to ignite a passion to pursue dreams. Can also be used as a great healing stone due to the Carnelian properties. Helps with stress & heals body & mind. Helps with confidence, focus, courage, grounding, transformation, sexual relationships, spiritual growth & awareness.

I’m so happy to be able to have this rare beauty in my shop & available for you guys. After 2 months of sourcing I found a great soul in Madagascar who was able to help get these babies in the shop! I am the only shop in the Hamilton greater area & GTA to have this rare beauty🤍!!!!

Carnelian x Flower Agate - RARE

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