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At Alchemist Flame, I only source my luxury ingredients, supplies & even packaging from Ontario. I wanted to created a domino effect of helping other small businesses with my candles. One single candle supports several other small Ontario businesses. Every candle is carefully handpoured & crafted then infused with luxury essential oils & coloured individually with care. With that being said, there may be some variations & imperfections, which only makes each one more unique and special. They are perfectly imperfect!


In addition, our Alchemist Crystals are also Canadian & ethically sourced from a few over seas suppliers. This allows us to offer some amazing pieces, not usually seen in Southern Ontario shops. My mission is to help you decorate your space your way, while ethically supporting local!

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Alchemist Flames Crystals

Alchemist's Story...

Alchemist Flame is a female owned shop, that has been running since 2021. In the end of 2021, I decided to merge my love of Crystals with my candles - creating our sister company, Alchemist Crystals.


 So what sparked the name? An Alchemist is a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process - our candles for example. 

To add, my favorite book is The Alchemist. The book tells a beautiful message to pursue your dreams by following what your heart desires. There will be lessons along the way, but listen & learn from them. When I decided to start my small shop, it was during a pandemic & people told me I was absolutely ludicrous to start something. But just like the boy in the book, I trusted myself & my desires. Lessons will be learned along the way but they will help.

My name is Katrina & I'm the founder & creative director of Alchemist Flame & Crystals. I was born & raised in Stoney Creek, ON. I've had a love for art & colour since I was young. That led me to my first passion; a professional makeup artist. I still do makeup & work for Yves Saint Laurent.  My passion for art & sculptures have always been evident since I was a child as well. When visiting Florence, Italy back in 2018, I fell in-love with body sculptures & the small details in the grand facades. I find the women’s body to be the greatest work of art. Every inch & curve is absolutely magnificent. I wanted to merge my love of art & my favourite book with a beautiful message into one passion... and Alchemist Flame was born!

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